SWLQ Group challenges

Bi-monthly Challenge

Our Bi-monthly challenge for completion in April is to make a piece ( no bigger than 20″ square) based on a random card drawn from a pack of playing cards. Those not at February’s meeting are very welcome to participate as well, first find a pack of cards, draw a card at random, and make something inspired by the card you picked. (No cheating..)

Block of the month Group challenge 

At the meeting we also discussed the plan to make modern sampler quilts.  Each month we will  provide information on how to make one of the six main blocks that generally feature in a modern quilt  This month’s block is the cross block.  There are no rules about the size of quilt you make, and more information can be found on the Facebook group page, together with pdf of instructions if you require them.  We expect that everybody’s quilts will turn out differently, and the idea is work towards producing work for a future exhibition, but they could also be donated to Linus quilts if you wish.  Please see the post on the Facebook group page for further information.

Next month’s meeting

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Just a heads up that we will be looking at the Contemporary Quilt groups suitcase collection titled “On the Road”.   In case you wonder, contemporary quilts  can be described as quilts with a modern twist, `or as described on the Quilters’ guild website: “take traditional techniques and push them to their limits by using new fabrics and technology and encouraging original design”.  This is a recent collection which was only curated last year, so we anticipate that it will be an exciting group of quilts for us to discuss.   We haven’t been able to get any photos of the quilts (there are 55)  but have managed to get a list of the artists and the titles of their pieces and we are very impressed by the list.  Please also tell quilting friends who might be interested in seeing these quilts as they might like to come along as a guest (entrance £6.00) as it is a good opportunity to look at a good number of contemporary quilts (A3 size) made by members of the Quilters’ Guild Contemporary Quilt Group. Please do let us know by email if you have friends who would like to come.

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