Facbook/membership renewal

At our committee meeting on Monday, we decided that we would like to keep the Facebook group for members only, and we will be removing names of those who expressed an interest initially but have not gone ahead and joined. This is just a polite reminder to please make sure that you pay your annual subscription to the South West London Quilters group by the end of January.

If you don’t want to join but would like to follow our website at https://www.swlondonquilters.org.uk you can do that by registering on the site. We will be doing our best to keep the site up to date with news about our activities.


Just to recap, annual membership is £30 for the year with a £3.00 per meeting fee. Besides the monthly meetings and the numerous benefits of being a member, listed on the web site, you will also get priority booking for the workshops we are organising.

The more members who join, the more diverse and interesting a programme we will be able to plan for the future. More details on https://www.swlondonquilters.org.uk/membership/

Membership form can be downloaded here.

Please get in touch with Sabine Best who is our membership secretary. Emails should be addressed to swlondonquilters@gmail.com.

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